The consignment rate for most guitars is now just 13.5%!



This one's simple. I'm not in the business of making folks keep guitars they don't want. If you wish to return a guitar for any reason, I will be happy to take it back. I only ask that you notify me within three days, and that you pay the actual round-trip shipping, including insurance. Do note the actual shipping is often more than the $50 flat rate I charge.

If you pay with any kind of credit card, I will not be able to refund the fee portion of your payment. Right now a sale through this site's checkout is 4.25%, and Square is 3.5%. This is due to a recent change that the credit card companies no longer refund the fees during a return. Yeah, I know.

Another quick note. All my inventory is consignment, and I usually notify my consignment customer that the sale is "settled" on the 4th day after delivery. At that point it can become tricky to undo the deal, so please keep that in mind while evaluating the guitar!

All international sales are final. Also, if I ship to a forwarding service here in the U.S., my liability ends once the guitar is delivered to the forwarding service, including any insurance coverage.


BGS can generally acommodate almost any kind of payment. I accept all major credit cards through the site checkout system, and I can also do Square if you prefer. If we're trying to get to my bottom dollar on any guitar, I may offer a no-fee method like bank wire, ACH transfer, or cashier's check to save us both a few bucks.

Arkansas residents pay 6.5% state sales tax plus applicable municipal/county sales tax where the guitar is delivered. There is no sales tax charged to any other state!

This is rarely an issue, but it needs to be mentioned. To be fair to all buyers, when a guitar is getting a lot of interest, I sell to the first person who clearly claims the guitar. If we've been talking about a guitar for a day or two, unless you've told me specifically that you'll take it, then it's still for sale!


I'm happy to take a look at your trade-in, but do keep in mind that all of my inventory is consignment, so sometimes making a trade-in work can be tricky. It will help if your guitar is similar to the type of stuff I have in the shop, and furthermore if it's something I can sell quickly.

Another option is a "reverse trade," which many of my customers prefer. You buy the new guitar, then send me your "trade" on consignment. It takes longer, but it can often net you more money than what I would have offered for trade-in value. Especially now that I only charge 13.5% for most guitars!


BGS charges a flat $50 rate for UPS Ground in the continental United States. The guitar will require a signature upon delivery, and full insurance through my Heritage dealer policy is automatically included.

For shipping to anywhere else in the world (including Alaska and Hawaii), please contact me for a quote. The shopping cart system will get close, but a direct quote from me is always more accurate.

I can generally ship the same day I receive your cleared payment, but I prefer not to ship on Thursdays or Fridays to avoid "warehouse time" over the weekend.

International buyers

I ship guitars all over the world. I use UPS for shipping - please ask for a quote. I only accept bank wire transfer for payment.

I am happy to ship to a forwarding service of your choice. Do note that my liability, including insurance coverage, ends once the guitar is delivered to the forwarder.